Hamilton, Ontario
  • News briefs
    Jun 14, 2017

    1, Enbridge versus Indigenous Rights

    2. Water champions

    3. Boundary expansion

    4. Environmental Commissioner 

  • Bus improvements not happening
    Jun 12, 2017

    Promised transit improvements this year that would have added 34,000 hours of HSR service have been left on council’s budget cutting floor until at least 2018. Most would have taken place in the old city of Hamilton whose residents will still pay more than four-fifths of the HSR budget because of a continuation of much lower transit taxes in the former suburbs. 

  • Province overrules city council
    Jun 05, 2017

    Council’s refusal to pay a living wage to all its employees was largely overruled last week by the Wynne government’s announced provincial labour reforms. The sharply increased minimum wage, longer holidays, and more personal days off will also make it less attractive for the city to privatize jobs like security at city hall and the water treatment plant.

  • Endangered species and spaces
    May 29, 2017

    The delays currently facing two major city projects because of endangered species could be the tip of the iceberg given the massive declines in mammal, bird and other vertebrates displaced by human activity and especially global climate change. Provincial authorities are allowing the public to comment on the city’s request for an exemption from the Endangered Species Act for the Confederation Park sport fields proposals, and that opportunity may also eventually occur over a multi-million dollar road extension from the Ancaster business park.

  • How they voted in April
    May 24, 2017

    This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of April 2017. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents.  Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded. Changes to the city’s website mean it is no longer possible to provide direct links to motions and staff reports. 

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