Hamilton, Ontario
  • Contrasting climate priorities
    Apr 26, 2016

    In the wake of more record-smashing global temperatures, the mayors of Burlington and Hamilton got an opportunity to speak last week at a McMaster-organized conference on climate change. The two cities that straddle the western end of the lake appear to have quite different approaches to what is increasingly being described as a planetary emergency.

  • Airport privatization up for review
    Apr 18, 2016

    It has been presented as the number one economic objective of the city for well over a decade but the airport employment growth district (AEGD, aka the aerotropolis) still shows no sign of activity. The airport itself remains stuck in neutral as renegotiations begin of the leasing deal that placed the management of the city-owned facility in private hands twenty years ago.

  • Fundraising reforms
    Apr 11, 2016

    Hamilton councillors are once again being forced to consider banning donations from their main financial backers. The wave of change heading to city hall is being driven by new provincial initiatives, debates in other cities, blunt editorials, and yet another damning study on indicating developer donations are buying political influence.

  • How they voted in February
    Apr 07, 2016

    This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of February 2016. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents.  Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded.

    Changes to the city’s website mean it is no longer possible to provide direct links to motions and staff reports.

    How they voted in January 2016 was not issued because there were no recorded votes during that month.

  • Fairer elections
    Apr 04, 2016

    Does the ward seven by-election outcome demonstrate a need to change the city’s voting system now that there is an opportunity to do so? A seasoned political commentator suggests the current ‘first-past-the-post’ election system is less like a horse race and more like a hot dog eating contest where the winner only needs to eat one more frank than any competitor.

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