Hamilton, Ontario
  • New ward boundaries
    Jul 18, 2016

    It hasn’t attracted much interest from the public, but the city’s ward boundary review weighs heavily on city councillors as they contemplate their chances of re-election. The review says the most important principle is fair representation by population, but seven of the eight options being offered would continue to give some residents at least twice the voting power of others. 

  • Poor planning scored
    Jul 11, 2016

    Former mayor Bob Bratina began the city’s first consultations on a federal climate change plan by arguing many of the challenges facing Hamilton “result from poor city planning” that have constructed “a city that is designed for driving cars”. None of the residents at the Tuesday morning session organized by the east end MP seemed to disagree, but  they focused on what the Trudeau government should do across the country, including keeping fossil fuels in the ground, blocking new pipelines and ensuring fair treatment of First Nations.

  • How they voted in May
    Jul 10, 2016

    This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of May 2016. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents.  Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded. Changes to the city’s website mean it is no longer possible to provide direct links to motions and staff reports. 

  • The NEB visits Hamilton
    Jun 29, 2016

    Trying to improve their battered reputation, the National Energy Board held one of its first “community meetings” this week in Hamilton with mixed results. The panel conducting hearings on Enbridge’s cross-Hamilton pipeline plans heard from Six Nations of the Grand, but neglected to advertise the event to the community and blocked participation by community members.

  • Recycling stuck in neutral
    Jun 27, 2016

    Hamilton’s recycling numbers remain near the worst for large Ontario cities but councillor opposition to change seems to have persuaded city staff to drop proposals plans for improvements. Instead hopes of cutting the amount of waste heading to Hamilton’s landfill may rely on a provincial government initiative that will impose responsibilities on waste producers. 

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