Hamilton, Ontario
  • Crucial transit budget
    Oct 16, 2017

    Next year’s HSR budget requires a string of crucial decisions. It is heading to councillors early in November, months before public input is invited or most other features of the 2018 city spending are scheduled to be finalized. Critical decisions include a fare increase, re-commitment to council’s 10-year strategy, getting ready for LRT, and finding monies to match large federal transit grants.

  • How they voted in August
    Oct 15, 2017

    This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of August 2017. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents.  Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded. Changes to the city’s website mean it is no longer possible to provide direct links to motions and staff reports. 

  • Getting ready for the next flood
    Oct 10, 2017

    Last week’s critical audit of federal government unpreparedness for climate change underlines that Hamilton is as far behind as the Trudeau government in planning for impacts on residents and community infrastructure. Four years after councillors asked the city manager for “a climate change vulnerability study and risk assessment of services and operations impacted by extreme weather events” and what “actions to reduce these risks” should be taken, it still has not been delivered.

  • Huge road building plans
    Oct 02, 2017

    City staff want $52 million in next year’s budget to begin making the aerotropolis lands more attractive for hoped-for industrial development. At the same time they are renewing the demand that the province allocate hundreds of millions to fast-track a full interchange at Clappison’s Corners as well as widen the 403 to make it faster for courier companies that feed the airport cargo flows.

  • Shut down hate
    Sep 27, 2017

    Local labour leaders have called a “Shut Down Hate” rally to counter Islamophobia and anti-immigrant activities which have surfaced repeatedly in Hamilton since the election of Donald Trump. The move by the Hamilton and District Labour Council extends their commitment to drown out racist and fascist groups who are attempting to organize in Hamilton. 

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