Hamilton, Ontario
  • Pipeline regulator challenged
    Nov 17, 2014

    Along with three First Nations, the city has formally weighed in with the National Energy Board seeking protection of waterways and wetlands in the path of Enbridge’s Line 9 bitumen pipeline. It comes as the federal regulator faces a huge credibility problem over its response to a controversial pipeline expansion in southern British Columbia, as well as multiple challenges to the massive Energy East proposal to pipe tar sands products across Ontario and five other provinces for export via Atlantic ports.

  • People's Platform
    Nov 11, 2014

    With no one on the new council able to claim that even one third of their constituents actually voted for them (see table below), there is increased pressure for substantially more public consultation. In that context the results generated by the non-partisan People’s Platform offer potentially important insights into resident wishes, and also provide some indication of what to expect from the new faces on council, each of whom cast ballots in the Hamilton Civic League process.

  • How they voted in September
    Nov 07, 2014

    This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of September 2014, and the last meetings before the October 27 municipal elections. The new council begins its meetings in December. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote in the third line. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents.  Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded.

  • City intervening again on Line 9
    Nov 03, 2014

    City staff are promising to intervene in the dispute between Enbridge and the National Energy Board over how to protect Hamilton waterways vulnerable to the controversial 39-year-old Line 9 pipeline that the company wants to expand and use to transport unrefined bitumen. Whether municipal and provincial governments can regulate the explosion of pipeline expansions is already being argued in British Columbia courts and this constitutional issue is likely to spread across eastern Canadian jurisdictions in the path of the latest mega-pipe proposal – the 4600 km “Energy East” facility from Alberta to New Brunswick to export bitumen via the St Lawrence River or through the Bay of Fundy.

  • Aerotropolis fights continue
    Oct 27, 2014

    The battle lines are being drawn for phase three of the aerotropolis hearings before the Ontario Municipal Board and the outcome could result in a much larger loss of agricultural land than the 555 net hectares (695 gross hectares) approved for industrial development last year. While the efforts of citizen groups to limit the expansion of the urban boundary dominated phase two in January 2013, this round pits multiple land developers against the city to determine the exact boundaries and whether or not some lands will be earmarked for future residential use.

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