Hamilton, Ontario

Public Works Standing Committee:

Mar 01, 2010

Question on dealing with sludge

Public Works Committee MINUTES 9:30 a.m. Monday, September 14, 2009

Powers: [38:31] Through you Mr chair to Mr Harnum, could we get an update on Liberty Energy, the peer review and the on-going saga?

Merulla [chair]: Jim?

Harnum: Through you Mr chairman, we have, as directed by committee and council, fast-tracked the review with Liberty. We’ve had a consultant that both ourselves and Liberty have agreed on – Black and Veech. They’ve come into to Hamilton and did about a four day workshop with the various members – both ourselves, our consultants on the biosolids master plan, and several staff, and representatives from Liberty. We have a good understanding of their business plan now, and we’re working on comparing that, and levelizing it – we call – so that we can compare the city’s plan to the actual Liberty plan. And then we are bringing that forward to SMT to get some direction from them – how they’d like to proceed – and then we will bring that report to this committee, or bringing an update to this committee, and looking for some further direction as well.

Powers: Any timing?

Harnum: We’re hoping probably by the next PW meeting. Within about two weeks we should have something. At the very latest, if it’s not two weeks, it will be the following meeting after that. It’s just a matter now of getting on the SMT agenda and getting some time with them. Very complicated business plan and very complicated issue to try and hammer out. We have fast-tracked it and like I say we’ve all put four days aside – cancelled all of our meetings and tried to get this issue resolved. [40:22]

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