Hamilton, Ontario

Decoding City Hall

A glossary of acronyms used at Hamilton City Hall developed by CATCH (Citizens at City Hall) to assist our monitoring and reporting on City meetings. This is an on-going project. Suggestions for additions are welcome.

* designates Standing Committee of City Council

AAC - Arts Advisory Committee
A&AITF - Affordability & Accessibility Issues Task Force
ACPD - Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities
AH - Arts Hamilton (formerly HARAC - Hamilton and Region Arts Council)
ALI - Automatic Locating Identification (used by 9-1-1)
AMO - Association of Municipalities of Ontario
AMOH - Associate Medical Officer of Health
ANI - Automatic Number Identification (9-1-1)
ANSI -Area of Natural & Scientific Interest (Provincial designation)
ATS - Alternative Transportation System

BARC - Bay Area Restoration Council
BIA - Business Improvement Area
BOD - Board of Directors
BTR - Business Tax Reduction

CAC - Corporate Administration Committee *
CAO - Chief Administrative Officer
CAPIC - Central Area Plan Implementation Committee
CATCH - Citizens at City Hall
CC - Corporate Communications
CCF - Central Composting Facility
CEA - Class Environmental Assessment
CEAC - Catastrophic Events Advisory Committee
CERB - Central Emergency Reporting Bureau
CHAC - Central Hamilton Action Committee (now CAPIC)
C & R - Culture & Recreation
CIC - CORE Issues Committee
CLC - Community Liaison Committee
CMA - Census Metropolitan Area
CMHC - Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation
CMT - Corporate Management Team (top city staff)
COW - Committee of the Whole
CPID -Capital Planning & Implementation Division
CPIG - Commercial Property Improvement Grant
CPSS - Commercial Policy Strategy Study
CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CRF - Community Reinvestment Fund
CRTC - Cdn Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
CSC - Community Services Committee *
CVA - Current Value Assessment
CZ - Comprehensive Zoning

DARTS - Disabled & Aged Regional Transit Service
DCA - Development Charges Act

EA - Environment Assessment
EAA - Environment Assessment Act
EAToR - Environmental Assessment Terms of Reference
ECP - Employee Commuter Pass
EIC - Expressway Implementation Committee
EIS - Environment Impact Statement
EMP - Environmental Management Plan
EPA - Environmental Protection Act
ER - Existing Residential (Zone)
ERASE - Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement (program)
ESA(s) - Environmental Sensitive Area(s)
ESAIEG - Environmentally Significant Areas Impact Evaluation Group
ESZ - Emergency Service Zone

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
FCM - Federation of Canadian Municipalities
FHNA - Federation of Hamilton Neighbourhood Associations
FICS - Flamborough Information & Community Services
FOI - Freedom of Information
FORCE - Friends of Rural Committees and the Environment
FS&HA - Food Shelter and Housing Advisory
FTE - Full Time Employee or Full Time Equivalent (2 x 1/2)

GLBTC - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered Committee
GPS - Global Positioning System
GRIDS - Growth Related Infrastructure Development Strategy
GRTF - Governance Review Task Force
GST - Goods and Services Tax
GTA - Greater Toronto Area

HABIA - Hamilton Association of Business Improvement Areas
HAHPI - Hamilton Affordable Housing Partnership Initiative
HCA - Hamilton Conservation Authority (fmrly HRegionalCA)
HCD - Hamilton Conservation District
HDRLP - Hamilton Downtown Residential Loan Program
HECFI - Hamilton Entertainment & Convention Facilities Inc
HEPA - Heritage Permit Application
HES - Hamilton Emergency Services
HFF - Hamilton Future Fund
HFFI - Hamilton Future Fund Interest
HHC - Hamilton Housing Corporation
HHB - Hamilton Historical Board

HHHBA - Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association
HHSC - Hamilton Health Sciences Corp
HLB - Hamilton Library Board
HLC - Hamilton Licensing Committee
HMRF - Hamilton Municipal Retirement Fund
HOAP - Home Ownership Affordability Program
HPA - Hamilton Port Authority
HPPA - Health Protection Promotion Act
HPRC - Heritage Permit Review Committee
HSR - Hamilton Street Railway
HWDSB - Hamilton Wentworth District School Board
HWRF - Hamilton Wentworth Retirement Fund
HWT - Hamilton Waterfront TrustHUC - Hamilton Utilities Commission

I zone - Institutional zone
ISCIS - Integrated Services for Children Information System
ITD - Information Technology Division
ITE - Institute of Traffic Engineers

JE - Job Evaluation
JEP - Job Evaluation Process

KPMG - (the city's outside auditor)

LACAC - Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
LEAR - Local Evaluation of Agricultural Reserve
LRP&D - Long Range Planning and Design

MCEA - Municipal Class Environment Act
MDP - Master Drainage Plan
MFI - Municipal Freedom of Information
MHC- Municipal Heritage Committee (replacing LACAC)
MMAH - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
MOE - Ministry of Environment
MOH - Ministry of Health
MOHLTC - Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
MOST - Moving On Sustainable Transportation
MOU - Memo of Understanding
MPAC - Municipal Property Assessment Corp
MRF - Materials Recycling Facility
MRTIG - Municipal Realty Tax Incentive Grant
MSAG - Master Street and Address Guide
MSC - Municipal Service Centre
MSLAA - Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act
MTO - Ministry of Transportation, Ontario

ND - Neighbourhood Development (Zone)
NFP - Not For Profit
NPCA - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

ODSP - Ontario Disability Support Program
OHA - Ontario Heritage Act
OHF - Ontario Heritage Foundation
OMB - Ontario Municipal Board
OMERS - Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Sytem
OOTF - Open for Opportunity Task Force
OP - Official Plan
OPA - Official Plan Amendment
OPIRG - Ontario Public Interest Research Group
OS - Open Space (Zone)
OW - Ontario Works

PCP - Public Consultation Process
P&ED - Planning and Economic Development *
PED - Preliminary Engineering Design
PERS - Public Emergency Reporting System
PFR - Project File Report
PHCS - Public Health & Community Services *
PPA - Protection of Privacy Act
PPP - Public Private Partnership
PPS - Provincial Policy Statement
PWIE - Public Works, Infrastructure & Environment *

RAP - Remedial Action Plan (for Hamilton Harbour)
RCF - Residential Care Facility
RFP - Request for Proposal
RFQ - Request for pre-Qualification
RHCE - Red Hill Creek Expressway
RHVP - Red Hill Valley Project
RM - Raving Mad (CATCH activist, for starting this project)
ROP - Regional Official Plan
ROPA - Regional Official Plan Amendment
RRAP - Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program

SAC - Seniors Advisory Committee
SCPI - Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative
SDWA - Safe Drinking Water Act
SISO - Settlement and Integration Services Organization
S&PHS - Social and Public Health Services *
SP&B - Strategic Planning and Budgets *
SPRC - Social Planning and Research Council
SSI - Small Scale Institutional (zone)
SSO - Source Separated Organics
SWM - Storm Water Management
SWMMP - Solid Waste Management Master Plan

TE&O - Traffic Engineering & Operations
TMP - Transportation Master Plan
TOR - Terms of Reference
TUG - Transit Users Group

UBS - Urban Braille System
UTA - Urban Transit Area

VCC - Volunteer Coordinating Committee

WRTF - Waste Reduction Task Force
WTO - World Trade Organization


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