Hamilton, Ontario

City Council

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The Mayor (chair), all councillors (15) for a total of 16 members. The quorum is nine members.

Usually meets:
Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 pm. These meetings are usually broadcast live on Cable 14. This is repeated at other times.

City Council is the final decision-making body. Often this simply means rubber-stamping decisions that have been thrashed out at the various council committees. But City Council is also the last opportunity to change one of those decisions, and this leads to some stirring debates. Of course, there's also a certain amount of grandstanding encouraged by the presence of the television cameras - even if they are only the local cable station.

Some specific rules from the Procedural By-Law include:

  • No matter of business may be dealt with by Council or Committee after 9:00pm local time without a motion to waive the rules of procedure.
  • No item of business may be introduced after 10 pm.
  • Every Member present at a meeting of the Council or Committee when a question is put shall vote unless prohibited by statute, in which case, the Clerk shall record the name of the Member and the reason that he or she is prohibited from voting.
  • When the Mayor or Chair, of Council or Committee calls for a vote on a question, each Member shall occupy his or her seat and shall remain in his or her seat until the result of the vote has been declared by the Mayor or Chair, and during such time no Member shall walk across the room or speak to any other Member or make any noise or disturbance.
  • During Council meetings, members shall conduct themselves with decorum. Respect for delegations and for fellow members and staff requires that all members show courtesy and not distract from the business of the Council during presentations and when other members have the floor.
  • Delegations are not permitted at meetings of City Council.

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