Hamilton, Ontario

General Issues Committee

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The Mayor (chair), all councillors (15) for a total of 16 members. The quorum is nine members.

Usually meets:
Monthly, usually the second Monday morning of each month at 9:30 am. The General Issues Committee was formerly called Committee of the Whole - COW. Its meetings are also scheduled when issues need to be discussed that affect the entire City (such as the budget) or as a means of receiving public delegations on city-wide matters.

General: To report and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to:

  • Council Strategic Plan
  • Corporate Strategic Plan
  • MPMP, OMBI and Section 300
  • Annual Operating and Capital Budgets
  • Legal Services – litigation matters
  • Human Resources – labour negotiations
  • Boards and Agencies
  • Hamilton Utilities Corporation
  • any and all other matters which Council chooses to refer to Committee of the Whole for consideration

Specific duties shall include:

  • To review and monitor the City’s and Council’s Strategic Plan
  • To review corporate and program objectives and performance measures and make recommendations to Council
  • To consider and recommend to Council on matters relating to budgets, budget monitoring, re-assessment and related tax policies
  • To receive briefings on legal matters involving the City and give direction to the City Solicitor on litigation matters
  • To receive information on Labour negotiations and provide direction to the Director of Labour Relations
  • To consider and make recommendations to Council on matters regarding Boards and Agencies
  • To meet as Shareholders of Hamilton Utilities Corporation, when required

The 2011-2014 Hamilton City Council


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