Hamilton, Ontario

Public Works Standing Committee

List committee reports 

Chad Collins, Scott Duvall, Lloyd Ferguson, Tom Jackson, Brian McHattie, Sam Merulla, Robert Pasuta, Russ Powers and Terry Whitehead plus the Mayor as ex-officio.

Usually meets:
First and third Mondays of each month at 9:30 am

To report and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to:

  • Water & Wastewater (Collection/Distribution, Treatment, and Compliance)
  • Waste Management (Solid Waste Planning, Collection, and Disposal)
  • Operations & Maintenance (Roads, Traffic, Forestry & Beautification, Parks & Cemeteries, and Trails)
  • Transit (Operations and Transit Fleet, ATS)
  • Fleet and Facilities (Central Fleet, Corporate Buildings, Energy Office)
  • Capital Planning and Implementation (Strategic and Environmental Planning, Asset Management, Design and Construction, Open Space Planning)
  • Major road construction projects
  • Red Hill Valley Project

Specific duties include:

  • To consider and recommend to Council, Service Programs, Service Levels for all direct and indirect services provided by the department (i.e. business plan, management plans, operating plans, and other relevant plans.)
  • To consider and recommend to Council, Policies, By-laws, and procedures governing service delivery implemented by the department.
  • To consider and recommend to Council, Asset Management Plans and Forecasts for all infrastructure managed by the department
  • To consider and monitor program implementation and performance through staff reports and make recommendations to Council respecting program management initiatives (i.e. continuous improvement, budget performance, revenue generation and other relevant issues.)
  • To consider and recommend to Council, procurement in accordance with corporate policies
  • To receive delegations from the public and conduct public hearings as required by statute and Council

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